Neon Shops in Portland


One worthwhile strategy to save a neon sign is to get a local sign shop on your side. There are some shops that *might* consider donating services, such as sign removal and storage. Or some shops might take the sign into their posession indefinitely, which is certainly a better scenario then losing a sign to the dumpster. The list below is just that: a list. None of these shops have signed up to be on here, so if you call them, just know that there are no guarantees of help. But sign shops are the most knowledgeable resource when it comes to what it takes to install, remove, and properly store signs, so they might be a great place to start. And while you're at it you can have a new neon sign made.



Security Signs


Artico Lite


Ramsay Signs


Neon Distributors


Neon Gods


Tube Art Group


Tiny Spoon

PDX Neon is an advocacy group, not an official non-profit organization, and doesn't currently engage in fundraising activities.

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