Neon Map + Poster — Portland, Oregon

This folded map of the very best neon signs in Portland, Oregon is also a keepsake poster featuring simple line drawings of some of Portland's most memorable signs. Limited edition, in beautiful black and white. Folded size: 4.25" x 5.5". Unfolded size 11x17".....$10.00

SAVING NEON: A Best Practices Guide

A 40-page full color book written by SF Neon with the help of other neon sign experts. Includes tips for saving endangered neon signs in your neighborhood, as well as frequently asked questions about best practices for neon sign restoration and repair. Proceeds from book sales fund the  Neon Speaks Symposium & Festival .....$20.00

PDX Neon is an advocacy group, not an official non-profit organization, and doesn't currently engage in fundraising activities.

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