Sign Saving Tips


We certainly don't know everything about how to save a neon sign. And while we wish there was a bulletproof formula for success, every sign has a unique situation and each will require a different course of action. Below are some of the lessons we learned when trying to save signs, which could come in handy on your quest.



  • If the potential loss of a great sign makes you sad, taking action is the only way to ameliorate that sadness.

  • Team up with a friend.

  • Make a detailed spec sheet (with the sign's dimensions, weight, condition) to share with your potential helpers.

  • Crystallize what you want, and ask for it, and try to figure this out earlier than later. For example, are you hoping for donated storage space for a period of time? Donated sign removal and moving services?

  • When reaching out to sign companies, find out if they are willing to take the sign down for free and store it in their yard.

  • Use every resource you have, every connection, even if it seems crazy.

  • Social media pleas are a last resort in our opinion. Connect with major players first.

  • Be persistent as hell, and be sincere.

  • Do it for the love of a beautiful sign, and for the future, not for money.

  • Absorb the encouragement and use it as fuel for more action.

PDX Neon is an advocacy group, not an official non-profit organization, and doesn't currently engage in fundraising activities.

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